It’s A Disease

I remember the time when I was so full of literature

That I was sick to my stomach, and it was contagious.

I was puking pages, spitting up libraries,

I was in such a mess with Poetry that her words were tangled in my hair.

I was only ever able to cry letters

And it seemed almost normal to send them off to the sea in bottles,

I was hopeful that a sailor might find them

And understand.

But now I realize that I can’t invite other people into this battlefield between me and

This wall every other writer runs into.

Have you ever heard someone say “I’m ready for the disease”?

Because I’m so ready for it to take me away.

I want to sink my teeth into a book

And draw ink.

I’m ready for pages to pile up until there’s no living space for myself anymore.

I’ll stop being selfish with keeping my words to myself

Because I have so much to share with the world

And Poetry,

You’re the one way I know how.

I’ll stop swallowing pills that are lethal to you,

So spread me your virus.

Writers block is an interesting thing. She comes in armies leaving you defeated for an unpredictable amount of time, then disintegrates into just enough faerie dust to inspire you. This time, writers block crashed at my house for about a month and left without a sound Friday night, I’m still cleaning up the mess she left. This was the longest time I’ve spent with her, and the first time I’ve ever been inspired to write about her. I wonder if my inspiration had anything to do with the full moon? Maybe she went for a long walk under the moonlight and bumped in to a new victim, all I can do is wish them luck.

Enough about my frenemy, let’s celebrate the beautiful weather! For the past few weeks I have been anticipating the cold, I honestly missed it. Being able to bundle up in a blanket and sit on the couch with a warm cup of tea in the morning is such a wonderful thing to do. The only thing I miss, being in an apartment, is a fireplace. I loved the smell of the fire and the warmth it brought. Being able to roast marshmallows with my family was fun too.

You can call me crazy for enjoying the cold, but I think that Autumn and Winter are beautiful seasons, as are Spring and Summer. Winter is my favorite though, don’t tell the others.



1. Today was ________________.

a) Fun

b) Tiring

c) Refreshing

d) All of the above


The whole house woke up later than usual today, it was nice being able to sleep in for once. Despite that, today wasn’t a lazy day. My mom, my brother and I visited a number of places, the first of which was the Greenbelt. We went in search for a body of water but, alas, we were unsuccessful in our search. In it’s place, we found a deeper connection to nature.

My mom and I sat on a cliff and watched everything that went on beneath us as my brother Jake, who has also unenrolled from school, explored. I feel like my mom and I really connected today. It’s as if the universe is striving to bring us closer, and I thank it for that. 

When Jake got back from his adventure, and after his excellent show-and-tell photography (he’s quite amazing), my mom dropped her water bottle off the cliff. My failed attempt at rescuing it only made me realize how short I am. This was a job for a tall person. Someone with arm and leg strength, like a ballet dancer! Who better to hire for the job than Jake?

Our hero climbed down into the trench, saved the water bottle and climbed back up all while wearing flip flops! Isn’t he amazing? 

Of course he’s amazing. After our nearly traumatic loss and Jake’s heroic deed, we dropped him off at his ballet class. My mom and I decided to visit Austin Pets Alive to meet the precious cats of Austin. Oh my, they were so cute! It’s really easy to fall in love with an animal if they cuddle with you and look at you with big eyes, and this is coming from a dog person. I openly admit that. On the internet. Hey, there’s no judging here.

After all, the internet was invented for cat pictures. Obviously. 

Anyways, I fell in love with every single one of them and really hope to be visiting them again soon. The last place my mom and I visited was the free side of Barton Springs. At last, we succeeded in finding a body of water! We sat on the edge and stuck our feet in the water until it was time to pick Jake up from ballet. 

Today was a full day, but it’s late now and I must say that I’m exhausted. I need to regain my energy so tomorrow can be as full as today. Goodnight everyone!

First Day of (un)Enrollment

Shall I introduce myself? My name is Sadie Shade and if there was one word to describe me, it would be “oxymoron”. To be a little more simple, my life contradicts itself. Simpler? My occupational goal is to be an English teacher for high school. However, I dropped out of school yesterday. Now, I know what you must be thinking, “But Sadie, why would you do such a thing?” Well, to be honest, I wasn’t learning anything of value. I was tired of being taught the same thing over and over and still not being able to understand something that I will more than likely never use after high school.

Don’t get me wrong though, it doesn’t stop at dropping out. I’m going to get my GED and really take charge of my life. But before that, I’ve decided to write a blog about my journey. This was not my idea.

I had breakfast with my mom and my friend, Wendy, this morning. I explained to Wendy about how I unenrolled from school the day before and exactly why. She was interested as to how much I had to say, which you will soon see how much I have to say, and that sparked the idea to write a blog. She also coined the term “Life University” which I so greedily borrowed from her. Thank you Wendy!

I would also like to thank my parents for fully supporting me in my decision, it means so much to me. Seriously, you’re letting go of the “poor possibilities” and looking at the bright side, that’s not an easy task.

How about a little bit on my view of school? Well, I love school. No. I love the social part of school. I love being able to meet people, but who’s to say I can’t do that without school? Other people do. *Ahem* “adults.”

Aside from my English class, that’s the extent of my love for school. As I said before, I was tired of not learning anything I could actually use later on in my life. I was also tired of the cliques and cliches that high school offers. The “If you’re not a jock then you’re a nerd,” and “You can’t hang out with those people.” Being judged based on who I hung out with and how I dressed annoyed me to no end.

One last thing, and I’m sure other thoughts will come to mind the more I post, I’m tired of being taught how to conform. Sure, call me a rebel. But seriously, from the time we’re about four or five years old all the way to the edge of transforming into an “adult”, we learn how to listen to our superiors, whoever they may be. We learn that we can’t think for ourselves and if someone is older than you, that means they are more “knowledgeable.” Since when does the amount of knowledge a person has depend on how old they are? I believe knowledge is based on someone’s experience, how they perceived it, what they learned from it, and how they integrate what they learned into their life.

So here I am on the brink of my journey. I invite you to join me in my adventure, wherever it may lead. I am proud to say that I am a student of life but, aren’t we all?